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Why these NFTs might get banned soon

Opensea might be cracking down on NFTs that could be considered unregistered securities. This is happening at the same time that many NFT projects are planning on releasing tokens and introducing DeFi mechanics like staking (even Cool Cats and Bored Ape Yacht Club are delivering erc-20 tokens).

In this video I talk about the recent collections that were banned on Opensea, how the SEC could possibly regulate this market (ethereum’s NFT market would be easier to enforce than you think), and which NFTs might be at higher risk of being banned.

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0:00 Intro
1:32 should we care about SEC risk?
2:04 something is changing…
3:04 “but it’s impossible to regulate NFTs…”
4:46 Opensea and the SEC
6:18 what makes an NFT a security?
8:30 NFT road to redemption
9:17 the least risky NFTs
10:05 NFT fractions
11:15 Cyberkongz
11:32 roadmaps
11:48 the riskiest NFTs

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