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The next big NFT game on Cardano? – Baby Dragon Launching Soon!

A new Play to Earn NFT game on Cardano is about to launch and I thought I’d cover it so you can decide if you want to mint it or not. Baby Dragon keeps looking better and better and the team and community is solid.

What do you think of this project and what projects are you most confident about?

I’m not a financial advisor, please be careful! This is NOT financial advice.

• Baby Dragon
• Website:
• Twitter:
• Discord:
• Medium:

• (the marketplace for ADA) ▸
• (to see your NFTs) ▸
• CNFTAnalytics (charts) ▸
• CNFTCalendar (Upcoming Projects) ▸

ETH Projects I’m Bullish on:

⛏️ Business Inquiries:
🐦 Twitter:

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