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Solana founder unravels the Layer 1 Wars | Anatoly Yakovenko

In this episode of Empire, Jason is joined by Blockworks co-founder Mike Ippolito & Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko. Anatoly has spent over 20 years as an engineer working for companies such as Qualcomm & Dropbox whilst contributing to open source software development. After the recent success of Solana, we invited Anatoly onto Empire to discuss how Solana was founded, the current layer 1 wars, the growth of crypto vs the internet, DeFi, DEXs vs CEXs and so much more!

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02:48・How Solana was founded
06:06・The layer 1 wars
12:07・The difference between Ethereum & Solana
19:11・Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
21:09・Avalanche Ad
22:14・Paraswap Ad
23:44・Building conviction in the bear market
26:38・Building open source software
30:08・The disruption of crypto & open source projects
37:10・DEXs vs CEXs
41:13・Crypto growth vs the internet
46:32・Solana’s growth prediction

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