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Private NFT’s are Coming & Markets are Crazy Now!

Hey, brand new week is here and we got a lot of exciting NFT Drops & sales going on as always. Now is a good time to pick up some Solana especially since there are some great sales dropping out.

1. Astronuts –
2. Horror Fellas –
3. Something Fishy –
4. Tamagotchi –
5. Avian –
6. Anons –
7. Catpunk –
8. Unirex City –
9. Solfighters –
10. AlienArchives –
11. Tools of Rock –
12. Shogun Samurais –
13. Moonray –

As always this is not financial advice and I recommend doing extra research on the projects I feature, just to be safe. Once again thanks to all the sponsors of the video, allowing me to create more independent content overall. #Solana #Ethereum #Terra For more drops go
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