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Popsicle Finance | $ICE Token Review

Popsicle Finance is the Yearn Finance for liquidity providers. Sorbetto Fragola is a Uniswap v3 vault optimizer that helps users maximise yields automatically. Sorbetto Limone is a cross-chain, multi-chain yield optimizer that automatically deploys users’ LP tokens to DEX farms with the highest yields.

⏱ Timestamps
0:00 Intro
0:53 Introduction to Popsicle Finance
02:20 How does Sorbetto Fragola works? Uniswap v3 optimizer
05:16 Revenue potential for Sorbetto Fragola
07:19 How Sorbetto Limone & Gelateria works?
09:50 $ICE tokenomics
10:53 Popsicle Finance security
12:12 Future potential of Popsicle Finance



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