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Oct 2021 How To Buy Crypto, Bitcoin, BTC in Singapore | How To Withdraw Too?! Full Guide

You might be confused after the Binance Ban how can you get your money out of the crypto space or in to the crypto space, In this video we will learn what are the method that has been used and widely used! Cheapest and easiest way mentioned only!

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💰P2P Methods [P2P On BND Method] [Much More Liquidity] [5% Off Trading Fees, Has Liquidity too]

💰TrustToken [Get TUSD and Redeem using their ecosystem, Directly to your bank!]

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00:00 Intro
01:09 Type Of Method To Cash In/Out?!
01:35 CryptoCom Ecosystem [Easiest]
05:36 Exchange Direct Fiat [Beginner Friendly]
08:34 P2P Methods [Standard But Not Da Best]
10:43 Trust Token? [Hard But Best For Big Sums]
14:28 Outro Scam Alert!
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