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Learning About Investing In Singapore Property

In this video, I have invited my property agent friend, Agent Han to ask him some property related questions, eg home buying, property investing etc.

Agent Han’s channel:

Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored.
Disclaimer #2: All opinions by the agent and me are just our opinions, we do not represent any organization, and of course they are not financial advice, and is only for education/entertainment purposes ya.

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0:00 – Intro

0:15 – About the agent

0:31 – What’s a typical work day like?

1:32 – What’s the biggest misconception?

2:06 – Did the pandemic affect sales?

2:53 – Are you worried of losing your job?

4:01 – Is Singapore property investing good way to make money in the long term?

4:52 – Property or REITs?

5:42 – Sell 1 HDB, buy 2 private properties?

6:39 – Tips for homebuyers?

7:50 – Why should Singaporeans invest in properties?

9:37 – Continue staying or sell HDB which has MOP?

11:17 – Is it a scam when property ads say sell HDB and upgrade to 2 condo?

11:48 – How to get started investing in properties

12:31 – How much loan you can get for property?

13:39 – How to plan for leveraging loan when buying properties?

14:05 – CPF or cash for loan repayment

14:48 – How do structures like i Quadrant work?

14:54- HDB loan or bank loan?

15:34 – Not much capital, can invest in property?

15:51 – Worth to buy HDB first and condo next?

17:10 – Outlook on housing prices?

17:57 – Wise to liquidate CPF investments to pay initial upfront cost?

18:21 – How to find the right agent?

19:00 – What’s the recommended course to know more?

19:34 – Wise to sell HDB and own 2 properties?

20:28 – Conclusion

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