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Is Breeding Still Profitable in Axie Infinity? (Oct 2021)

Can you still make money breeding in Axie Infinity?
I will talk about all the costs, revenue, and profits from breeding in axie infinity and tell you how to make the most money. This also has tips and tricks for what to breed, how to breed, getting SLP and AXS, ETC. Including some of the potential risks. Feel free to download and use the calculator yourself below.

For those who don’t know Axie Infinity is a game you can play to earn cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Download Calculator:
(open link, click file and then download)

I am giving out an Axie Infinity scholarship every 2 weeks to the subscribers of this youtube channel. Please subscribe and check out my other videos for instructions.

How to get a scholarship:

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0:00 – Intro
0:40 – Breeding Costs
1:34 – How the calculator works
5:58 – Where to get AXS
8:06 – Example 1: Top Ladder Plant
16:15 – Example 2: Backline Aqua
21:45 – Other thoughts

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