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How to EARN MORE DARKSTEEL in MIR4 Play to Earn FREE to Play Game

In today’s video, I will be showing you how to earn MORE Darksteel into MIR4 Play to Earn Game. This will help you get more Dracocoins as you will have more dark steel to be able to mine. Just take in a note to guard your spot or have a Clan Member beside you because there might be some people that might Kill you to get that Darksteel mine spot.

Play MIR4 for FREE Here:

01:22 – Snake Valley Is Best than Bicheon Valley
03:50 – Snake Valley is Open After Level 40 Quest
08:18 – Finding AFK People to Player Kill to Get Dark Steel Spot
10:21 – Darksteel Reward

Disclaimer: This is not Financial Advice. This video is for entertainment purposes only and you are responsible for your money. Always invest what you can afford to lose.

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