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Deciphering the Metaverse with David Hoffman

In this episode of On The Margin Mike is joined by David Hoffman. David is Co-Founder of Bankless, a podcast exploring the frontier of crypto & finance by interviewing some of the greatest thought leaders in the industry. Mike & David discuss the evolution of crypto, how DeFi will disrupt gaming, DAOs, redefining the role of nation states in the metaverse & what the future holds for the cryptocurrency industry.


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00:52・What is the metaverse
04:55・Forming nation states in the metaverse
09:23・Redefining the role of nation states
12:39・DeFi & Gaming
15:50・The importance of communities in crypto
23:46・The exponential growth of Axie Infinity
26:55・Coinbase Prime Ad
28:10・Ledger Ad
34:45・CeFi vs DeFi
37:40・The Bankless podcast
42:08・The future of crypto

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