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AntEx is launching a new DeFi platform and a regulated Stablecoin

AntEx is launching a new DeFi platform and regulated Stablecoin the VNDT as NFTs and Decentralized Finance continue to heat up will AntEx create a new area for crypto investing opportunities? Subscribe to VoskCoin –

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AntEx is launching a new platform for DeFi and they have also created their own stablecoin the VNDT which has been reviewed and approved by the Vietnamese government. Let’s review AntEx and see what their ANTEX token and VNDT stablecoin are all about!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 New ecosystem launching on the BSC!
01:31 Antex is an audited ecosystem with many use cases
03:31 Antex Tokenomics & fundraising
05:17 Antex wants to launch a liquidity locker and launchpad
06:30 VNDT is the Antex stablecoin
09:37 The team behind Antex
11:18 VoskCoin Antex review

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